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It is reasonable to understand the structure of the system you use. The system is built on three components: Instance, Volume, Storage.


Instance is responsible for gathering all data read and write information from clouds.  Instance local lets you attach native volumes, with all information stored on the user's local machine. Instance global stores information on an external server. Therefore, static and dynamic volume attachment is possible.



Volume is a consistent data storage space. There are three types of Volume:

Native - for connecting user cloud as if the user was using the original cloud operator client, e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. Volume native is for synchronization employing the cloud providers' proprietary mechanisms. Thus, you can connect a user cloud in native mode on two independent machines, and you can access your files from a mobile device using the original client, such as Dropbox, etc., or other software supporting clouds.

Static is for connecting a single cloud. It offers single encryption of selected folders and their contents. Static mode offers encryption of files in selected folders and managing unencrypted files via original cloud storage clients on mobile devices.

Dynamic is for merging multiple clouds into a single continuous storage space. You can use it to encrypt an entire volume, with additional encryption of selected folders and their contents. It splits all files into pieces and stores them independently on connected clouds. Because data transmission works in parallel, the dynamic mode will maximize data transmission speed, which will be limited only to the local Internet connection speed.

In Dynamic Volume, storage space can be merged in one of two ways. These are: striping and mirroring. In striping mode, each file is split into parts and sent to all the user's storage items; with this method, very high bitrates can be achieved. When data is stored in mirroring mode, you get protection from any kind of failure of various providers' clouds. In this case, files are stored in redundant mode in each cloud.


In Huayra, Storage is the physical disc storage space provided by cloud operator.