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What is Huayra Cloud?

Huayra Cloud is an advanced system for user cloud management and secure data storage in a cloud. You can use all your clouds from a single point.  The system will protect your files and folders against cloud failure as well as hacker attacks. You can also merge your clouds and use them as continuous storage.  Huayra also offers flexible data synchronization options of your choice.

What are the components of Huayra Cloud system?

The system is composed of three utilities: Huayra Gateway, Huayra Explorer and Huayra Manager. Huayra Gateway is used for server communication and is opened automatically with computer startup. Huayra Explorer is used for uploading and downloading files from a computer to a cloud and vice versa. The function of Huayra Manager is to merge and configure clouds.

What happens after the end of the test period?

After the end of the test period, you can continue using Huayra only in the local instance, and no data encryption options will be available. If you want to benefit from the full functionality of Huayra Cloud, you need to pay for a subscription.

Are any other fees charged?

The subscription fee is the only charge.

Are there any data transfer limits imposed by Huayra Cloud?

Huayra does not apply any data transfer limit; the only restriction is your Internet connection speed.

How do we secure the privacy of our users?

We use Blowfish, Twofish, Serpernt, Rijndael (AES) encryption. 256-bit key is used in all of them. In the case of dynamic volumes, you can choose double encryption with two different passwords and two different encryption algorithms. In addition, to enhance user safety, when multiple clouds are merged, the encrypted file will be split into parts and stored in several clouds in this form. Double encryption enables you to avoid brute force attacks, and file striping prevents its decryption in case of breaking into a single cloud. File names are hashed and saved as such on the clouds.



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