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Multiple Cloud Manager

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You are the only person to have access to your account.

We do not store user passwords. Privacy is our key priority. We do not have access to your password and we can't send you the password in case you forget it.

We have no access to your data.

Your data is stored securely on one or more accounts with various cloud operators. The data is double-encrypted with advanced encryption algorithms. In addition, your files can be split or saved in redundant versions. You are the only person to have access to your files. Our company is unable to review any of your data.

Huayra is independent of any cloud operators.

We are not related in any way with cloud providers. We are a fully independent company. We are aware of the hazards involved in using cloud systems; we know of periodical data leak scandals; we have heard of hacker attacks. These are the dangers we want to protect our users against.

Unique synchronization

We have implemented several methods of synchronization in Huayra. First, there is multipoint synchronization for synchronizing selected folders in a flexible manner. Second, you can choose whether you are interested in sync on demand or real-time synchronization.

Intuitive system usage.

We not only care about user safety; convenience in using the system is equally important. Therefore, we have created a highly intuitive system interface. We make sure that using the system is as similar as possible to other things you do when you use your computer on a daily basis.

Most secure encryption algorithms.

Our goal is to prevent online surveillance. Huayra offers secure encryption of user files. We use Blowfish, Twofish, Serpent and Rijndael encryption. We are going to update our encryption database according to future development of IT systems and encryption solutions. We offer single or double encryption options.

Several clouds at one point.

Do you use more than one cloud? Huayra is the right solution for you. You can use it to access your files with multiple cloud operators accounts from a single location. With Huayra, you avoid logging on to every account to have access to your files. Now you can access all your files from a single system installed on your workstation. 

Unlimited space

Huayra Cloud gives you practically unlimited storage space, with and more clouds added from various cloud providers.

Unlimited security

Through the use of striping and mirroring methods, Huayra offers full security of user files. With striping , files will be segmented and sent to different clouds, which prevents data reading by unauthorized persons. With mirroring, data is stored in redundant locations and you can access your data even in case of cloud failure.


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